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Work Sustainable

Industrial and commercial reliance on water makes it an essential element in the everyday operation of any commercial business. Annual water use within industry is increasing annually making it a precious commodity and often an expensive necessity for day to day business.

Cloudbrook Water rainwater recovery systems are uniquely suitable to all types of commercial business. Fortunately for most commercial business they tend to operate from large premise which immediately provides them with a large water catchment area.


We at Cloudbrook water take a measured approach to your rainwater requirements and uses. Our process is very pragmatic and straight forward, we arrange a site visit to you business and present a ten minute introduction on our rainwater recovery system and how they work. We then field any queries that may arise from our initial presentation and overview. We then proceed to carry out a walk around survey of your building. In doing so we identify suitable locations for potential storage tank and areas in which we can install our product which is complementary and suitable for your site, building  and water uses. We will require data on the total water use of the building at present or the water use in the area in which rainwater is required to offset mains water.

From there we undertake a feasibly study, in which we collate data on the total water used within the building, the maximum rainwater volume that we can recover from the roof,national meteorological service and geographical data on rainfall patterns and volumes in your area.

Our engineers then calculate this data and produce a feasibility report and quotation on the proposed system. This feasibility study is key to evaluate if a rainwater recovery system is a viable project for our commercial clients. If the data is not favorable to your site then our engineers will identify the issues and present them to the company for information purposes. Not all sites are suitable for rainwater recovery and as such we identify this and notify our potential clients as soon as possible to avoid lost time and effort by all parties.


Water Quality


Our rainwater recovery system complies with BS8519-2009, attains EUROPEAN UNION (DRINKING WATER) REGULATIONS 2014 and is CE marked and we are working toward ISO 14001 Standard

With the addition of our Cloudbrook Water F1-F4 rainwater to drinking water filtration systems, the water is treated for the whole building -99.9% of bacteria are eliminated, including chlorine resistant cyst such as cryptosporidium and giardia., supplying you with a fresh clean and pure quality water.

Our filtration systems have been independently tested to meet EUROPEAN UNION (DRINKING WATER) REGULATIONS 2014*in accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and INAB 17025 labs under quality ISO 9001:2008 & ISO17025 and environmental, management system ISO 14001


Key Benefits

*    Rain water can be harvested from any building,

*    Fit for purpose,

*    Designed for the quality of water required,

*    Provides pure clean drinking water quality,

*    Integrated BMS for easy monitoring of water usage and savings,

*    Significantly reduces water bills by as much as 80%,

*    Acts as a reserve supply during mains water shortages,

*    Automatic water main backup, easy to install and maintain without disruption to           business,

*    Integrates seamlessly into existing plumbing network,

*    Innovative design for minimal visual impact,

*    System sized to suit our customers water requirements,

*    No costly groundworks,

*    No invasive groundworks,

*    No frozen pipework, 

*    Environmentally friendly