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Rainwater recovery system for domestic Use.


Would you like to have access to a completely pure, clean and free renewable water source. Our domestic customers have installed our rainwater recovery systems  for a wide range of reasons all specific to their individual situation and needs.

Installing a rainwater recovery system from Cloudbrook not only provides you with a fresh clean and abundant source of high quality water, it also resolves a large number of damaging issues and side effect of using mains water or well water in your home.

A large number of homes throughout the world spend a significant amount of money on water maintenance; not only paying the water supplier for water in the form of water charges but also treating the water before it enters their homes using large water softener systems, UV system, Salts ,reverse osmosis system, iron manganese system etc. Most significant water issue cannot be solved using elaborate system and only stand as a method of reducing the damaging effect of the mains water in their home.

Ask yourself how many times i have to change an electric kettle, water heater, water storage tank, washing machine, dishwashers, showers because of limescale. How much bottled water you buy because the smell of chlorine from the water supply, orange or iron coloured water marks  in the bathrooms because of high impurities in the water, boil water notices , low water pressure and or no water supply etc. How much are you spending on Calgon and other such product in a futile attempt to protect your appliances?

Now consider a Cloudbrook Rainwater Recovery System which provides the highest quality water to your home without the following:


*    NO Lime scale.  Rainwater is naturally soft which mean no need for water softeners       or Salts

*    NO Chlorine. No added Chemicals in our system means no poisonous chemicals in        the water supply

*    NO Fluoride. No added Chemicals in our system means no poisonous chemicals in         the water supply

*    NO dissolved metal. No iron manganese nitrates which means no need for                     expensive water treatment system in your home costing thousands.

*    NO Cryptosporidium or E. coli bacteria. Cloudbrook Water Filtration systems remove       all known bacteria from rainwater


The system can be installed without the need for costly and expensive groundwork’s and no re-plumbing of the existing home. Our systems integrate completely with the homes existing plumbing system for ease of installation and use. The system is designed to suit any house type, size shape budget or water use.

Contact us today and invest in your family’s future.